About me

Andrés Ribagorda (17/05/1999) is a Spanish documentary filmmaker, who has collaborated and captained productions of both national and international scope: he has produced documentaires in Greece, United Kingdom, France or Spain and has pre master studies in documentary filmmaking from UCL (University College of London).

He obtains his degree in Political Science and Journalism in Spain and France (Université Paul-Valéry).

Independently, he has produced and directed documentaries such as “Displaced: Small acts of Survival”, a British and Spanish collaboration about the economic crisis in Greece. He works as well as a cinematographer and screenwriter in several non-fiction programs, such as the show “Un Bloodymary con…”.

He is about to premiere «Les Filles de Sète» (documentary filmed and directed in France during 2021). Simultaneously, he is doing an internship in laSexta (spanish national TV channel)


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